Innovative Appliqué
I was determined to learn turned-edge appliqué, but my results left a lot to be desired, so I designed Innovative Appliqué. The techniques and products eliminate prep work, lower the learning curve, and produce beautiful results right off the bat. Both beginners and experienced quilters find Innovative Appliqué increases their accuracy and productivity.

English Paper Piecing Made Modern
English Paper Piecing made easy. Self-stick templates leave no residue, resuable until they no longer stick. Use to cut and stitch shapes.
Cutting is precise: templates stick, no sliding around. Stitching is efficient: no pre-turning, tacking or gluing. Straight stitching by hand or machine vs. whip-stitching. The templates are moved from task to task, nothing to pull out later.

Sewforever Quilt Storage
I started my business designing a better way to store quilts. Many quilts are stored by folding, but all the love and work that goes into a quilt shouldn't be marred by fold lines. Sewforever Quilt Storage is the no-fold, archival quilt storage solution.

Designing to make life better!