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Sewforever Quilting by Becky Campbell
Innovative Appliqué | Stitch Fast Self Stick Templates | Sewforever Archival Quilt Storage
I have always admired the art of appliqué, but I found standard methods are hard to master. I took a number of classes to learn various methods, but my results left a lot to be desired. Those methods also included time consuming tasks that I did not see a need for, so I created Innovative Appliqué. The technique I developed and the products I use lower the learning curve and increase productivity. Making appliqué more enjoyable for everyone.

In 1995 I attended a quilt presentation at The Ohio Historical Center, which showcased the wonderful collection of historical quilts they have. During the presentation someone asked how the quilts were being stored. The answer given, was folding the quilts with archival tissue paper placed along the folds and periodically refolding the quilts to change the crease lines.